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Why We Give: To give families a home

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Why We Give

To demonstrate the important role you are playing in the lives of the families we are assisting, we asked them to share their stories. When you realize how much they needed you, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, and the needs in your community.

We will be releasing a new story every week. Please read them, and know that you helped these families take steps toward a better life.

Disaster after Christmas

Christmas had come and gone, and the McCormick family was finally taking a break from the rush of the holiday. The Christmas tree glowed gently in the living room, the refrigerator was full of delicious left overs and the family was resting blissfully in their cozy home. Suddenly, the blaring signal of the flash flood warning alarm broke the peaceful silence.

Flash floods typically weren’t something the McCormick’s paid much attention to. They were common in their area of St. Louis, Missouri; but this time felt different. The neighborhood gathered briefly to assure one another other that the approaching flood was nothing to worry about, and that even if the water did rise, it would quickly recede.

Ashley McCormick, the family’s mother, was unconvinced by her neighbor’s confidence. She stationed her six year old daughter at the screen door overlooking the creek behind their house. If the water started rising, that would mean more water was on the way.

The water rose. It spilled over the banks of the creek. It spread across their yard. It crept up their porch and eventually started pouring into their house. It kept rising. The McCormick’s looked on in horror as their home and all of their possessions–even their Christmas gifts–sank beneath the flood waters.

With their home ruined, the McCormick’s had no choice but to abandon their possessions and seek higher ground. They left with only the clothes on their backs, and took shelter with family members outside of the disaster area. A small grant from FEMA  was enough to purchase some essential items, but they still have a long way to go.

DriveTime Racing to The Rescue

Out of ideas, and nearly out of hope, the McCormick’s found DriveTime’s charities and told us their story. Our hearts went out to them, so we dedicated a race to them during our DriveTime Cares 5K Fun Run for Families, and donated money toward getting the family back under their own roof.

DriveTime is committed to serving the communities we reside in. Read more stories about the lives you can help change through DriveTime charities, and get involved in our next charity event.

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