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Why We Give: Keeping families together

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Why We Give

To demonstrate the important role you are playing in the lives of the families we are assisting, we asked them to share their stories. When you realize how much they needed you, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, and the needs in your community.

We will be releasing a new story every week. Please read them, and know that you helped these families take steps toward a better life.

Lauren’s full house

As if being a mother of three wasn’t hard enough, Lauren Smith of Tulsa, Oklahoma, is fighting to be a mother to three more.

In February, 2015, Lauren’s nephew and two nieces were removed from their parents home and placed in DHS custody. When she heard the news, Lauren immediately appealed to foster the three siblings, but was only allowed to take in her nephew. The Department of Human Services told her that unless she could prove she could sufficiently care for three additional children, her nieces would be fostered by strangers, and most likely split into different homes.

Lauren had the means, she had the room, but the one thing keeping her family apart? Beds. Unless she could show the DHS that she had a reliable place for each child to sleep, they would deny her requests to foster all three siblings in her home.

Working hard to provide for her own children, Lauren didn’t have enough money to spare for additional beds. Furthermore, she needed beds of three different sizes, and ones she could stack into bunk-beds to save on space. Her search for the specific beds she needed was short as she quickly found out that the least expensive options were still too much for her.

DriveTime Racing to The Rescue

Out of ideas, and nearly out of hope, Lauren found DriveTime’s charities and told us her story. We were so touched by her love for her nieces and nephew, that we dedicated a race to her during our DriveTime Cares 5K Fun Run for Families, and donated money toward beds so she can finally bring her family home.

DriveTime is committed to serving the communities we reside in. Read more stories about the lives you can help change through DriveTime charities, and get involved in our next charity event.

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