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Why We Give: to beat the odds

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Why We Give

To demonstrate the important role you are playing in the lives of the families we are assisting, we asked them to share their stories. When you realize how much they needed you, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself, and the needs in your community.

We will be releasing a new story every week. Please read them, and know that you helped these families take steps toward a better life.

10 Children, 1 Mother

Hiede Krueger of Lexington, Kentucky, is a fighter. When a brutal divorce threatened to tear her family apart, Hiede fought to seize full custody of all 10 of her kids. When she was granted custody of her entire family, Hiede knew that raising 10 children as a single mother would not be easy, but she couldn’t have predicted it would get even harder.

Three of Hiede’s children are diagnosed with cyatic fibrosis, a life threatening disease that makes every breathe a painful struggle. It is an inherited disease that often manifests itself during the early stages of life. There is no cure, only life long treatment.

Further complications followed as one of the children with cyatic fibrosis was also diagnosed with autism, and another child was diagnosed with epilepsy after nearly losing her life during a seizure. She was unresponsive even after paramedics rushed to her assistance. That was only the first of many 911 calls.

Hiede’s is struggling to pay for the life saving treatment her children so desperately need, and she can’t neglect her other children’s needs. When we heard her story, we couldn’t neglect them either.

DriveTime Racing to The Rescue

Out of ideas, and nearly out of hope, the Hiede sought out DriveTime’s charities and told us her story. Our hearts went out to her,  so we dedicated a race to them during our DriveTime Cares 5K Fun Run for Families, and donated money toward getting her children the medical treatment, food, clothing and shelter that they need.

DriveTime is committed to serving the communities we reside in. Read more stories about the lives you can help change through DriveTime charities, and get involved in our next charity event.


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