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Racing To The Rescue: The Sandford’s family crisis

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charitiesheader_608x243_pt3The Sandford’s are a close knit family from Cleveland, Ohio. The three children are thriving under the loving care of their mother and father, who have been together for ten years. This year the family’s matriarch, Antoinette Sandford, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but what followed the diagnosis was worse than anything the family could imagine.

Life saving procedure turns life threatening

Antoinette’s cancer spread to a point that she was faced with no other choice than to have her pancreas and spleen removed. The spleen has a vital role in warding off infections by housing bacteria-fighting white blood cells and purifying blood. With her spleen now missing, Antoinette’s surgical area became infected three times, resulting in three additional surgeries. The following procedures only compounded her and her families suffering.

The physical trauma of three consecutive surgeries in the same area created more issues. The tender muscles in her abdomen eventually gave in to the physical strain, and Antoinette developed two hernias in her stomach. The two hernias were buried in overlapping layers of her abdominal muscles, and the slightest movement threatened to tear a hole through to her stomach.

There wasn’t time to recover from her previous surgeries; Antoinette had to undergo yet another procedure in the same area as her other four operations.

After the fifth and final operation, Antoinette was released to recover at home. She was too weak to perform her motherly duties, but her supportive family picked up the slack, and even drove her on errands. During one routine trip, they were struck by another car and Antoinette was thrown against the passenger side of the vehicle; damaging her hip and spine.

Her new injuries–combined with her surgical wounds–forced Antoinette to take a prolonged absence from work. She enrolled for family and medical leave through her employer, but was only allotted three months of federal aid, and was eventually let go.

The Sandfords are doing all they can to get their lives back to normal. Their father is spread thin being the only mobile parent to three children, and the sole provider for the household. The medical expenses of five surgeries, lengthy hospital stays and numerous doctor visits have taken a massive financial toll on the Sandford family; but hope is on the way.

DriveTime race to the rescue

DriveTime is committed to serving in all of the communities we reside in. We organized our annual 5K Fun Run to unite our communities across the nation, and bring hope to people like Rosana and Alexcia. There are hundreds of thousands of families who need the love of their communities to get them through their medical, financial or family crisis.

This year DriveTime will be donating over 140 thousand dollars to 56 families, and we can reach even more families in need with your help. Join us on September 25 to run in solidarity with your community and help raise awareness for those in need in your area. Donations are welcome from runners and non-runners, and all donation dollars will go toward helping families with everything from life-saving medical treatment, to food and clothing for underprivileged children.

Donate today, and we looking forward to seeing you at the finish line on September 25.

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