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Racing To The Rescue: Edna’s Fight for Survival

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For the past nine years, Edna Savage of Montgomery, Alabama, has been helping her daughter survive the excruciating effects of Crohn’s disease. Little is known about this life threatening illness; there are no warning signs and it is often diagnosed in younger people who are in the prime of their lives.

In 2007, Edna’s oldest daughter was hospitalized for nearly a month. Edna was by her side every day, and underwent home care training so they could continue to fight her disease from home. The next two years were filled with hospital visits, emergency surgeries and stays at the out-patient clinic. Edna’s daughter barely had time to recover from her surgeries before she was rushed again to the emergency room for another painful procedure. The distress of her daughter and the burden of insurmountable medical bills was taking a terrible toll on Edna and her family.

It seemed like hope was just out of reach…

Edna looked to the government for aid, but was denied any financial assistance. Her family was relying solely on her 40 thousand dollar salary to put food on the table, keep a roof over their head and pay the ever growing stacks of bills; but in 2014 even that last bit of security disappeared. Edna experienced a serious accident at work that required four surgeries and months of costly rehab and physical therapy. Due to her lengthy hospital stays, her employers eventually declared her a health risk and terminated her.

Since Edna’s accident, her family has been surviving on Social Security Disability Insurance. They have applied several times for federal aid to help cover a portion of her daughter’s medical bills, but have so far been denied. As recently as May 2016, Edna’s daughter underwent yet another surgery because of complications from Crohn’s disease. She continues to fight, no matter how hopeless it seems, and Edna is continually by her side during every hospital stay.

Edna and her family are in desperate need, as are hundreds of thousands of families across the United States. These families have been denied help, but we can give it to them.

Race to the aid of families in need

DriveTime is committed to serving in all of the communities we reside in. We organized our annual 5K Fun Run to unite our communities across the nation, and bring hope to people like Edna and her family.

This year we will be donating over 140 thousand dollars to 56 families, and we can reach even more families in need with your help. Join us on September 25 to run in solidarity with your community and help raise awareness for those in need in your area. Donations are welcome from runners and non-runners, and all donation dollars will go toward helping families with everything from life saving medical treatment, to food and clothing for underprivileged children.

Donate today, and we looking forward to seeing you at the finish line on September 25.


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  1. Amanda Ellis Posted on November 11, 2016 at 12:42 pm

    Why are the charities not listed? I’m sure people would like to know that this is going to a legit charity and what the name of that charity is.

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