DriveTime Cares Family 5K Fun Run

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Family Fun Run

Run, Walk or Donate to Support Local Families in Need


On September 25, 2016, DriveTime is hosting our annual DT Cares Family 5K Fun Run, a charity-based race benefiting families in need. More than 55 events across the country will help to spread DriveTime’s commitment to community and well-being. Each race will sponsor a DriveTime customer or direct family member of a customer who has been impacted by a traumatic life event.

At DriveTime, we understand that life can take some hard turns and families may go through unforeseeable and trying challenges. In those times it always helps to have the support needed to pull through. That’s where DriveTime comes in—a company that is always willing to go the extra mile to help families in times of need. The DT Cares 5k will be filled with friends, family and compassionate communities coming together across the country to support our customers and their loved ones in their time of need.

DT Cares Family 5K is FREE to all—spectators and runners. Please invite your friends to be a part of this special event showing support to a family in need. No tickets are required—Find A Race and RSVP Here.

Each DriveTime dealership will represent a family who has gone through a traumatic life event. All DriveTime customers that have personally been affected or have a direct family member that has been affected by any type of traumatic event can share their story with us for consideration.

DriveTime is donating $200,000+ to these 56 selected families with the hopes that a financial burden may be lifted as we help combat some of life’s biggest challenges. Prizes will be awarded for the top 3 race finishers.  Giveaways, water stations and snacks will all be provided for participants.

Join us in giving back to our communities by attending the run September 25th.


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Want your Family to be represented?

Share your family’s story with us to be considered for the DriveTime Cares 5K Family Fun Run in your area. Please note that you must be a current DriveTime customer with a valid account number or an immediate family member of a DriveTime Customer. Sorry, we are not accepting applications from non-DriveTime customers or immediate family members of customers at this time, but you can still attend your local event!