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Celebrating the Season of Giving

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Over half of Arizona’s children live in low-income families. Nearly half of those low-income families only have one hard working parent struggling to give their children the basic necessities; leaving nothing extra for even the simplest luxuries like new clothes or nutritious food.

For these children, the Christmas season is nothing but a cold winter month, but St Vincent de Paul warmed it up for over 1300 low-income families this year at the Palomino Christmas season of giving.

Celebrating the Season of Giving

Hosted at St Vincent de Paul’s thrift store on 29 street and Bell road in Phoenix, the Palomino Christmas brought in over 1300 low-income students from Palomino primary school for a shopping spree; but with a twist.

Each child had a dollar, and with that dollar they could buy any two items in the entire store. It didn’t matter if the item was a bag of candy or a bicycle, their dollar could buy anything; but these children weren’t buying for themselves, all their purchases were for friends and family.

St Vincent de Paul volunteers have been organizing this Christmas shopping spree for 27 years, and every year the children show greater interest in giving instead of receiving.

DriveTime’s Donation

DriveTime has partnered with St Vincent de Paul for the past five years to help improve Arizona’s low-income communities through a variety of programs, but the holiday season is a particularly exciting time for giving.

This year DriveTime donated bikes to 10 outstanding Palomino students to help them get to school. Students who live in low-income families often don’t have rides to school because their parents can’t take them or they live far from the bus routes. By giving students reliable transportation, DriveTime believes they can help kids stay in school and improve their lives through education.

the season of giving

The season of giving lasts all year long. Contact your local Society of St Vincent de Paul to volunteer for meaningful service opportunities in your community.

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