Why We Give

Thank You! Our DriveTime Cares 2016 5K Fun Run for Families was a huge success this year! Thanks to the support of our DriveTime communities, we were able to give over 200 thousand dollars to specific families in 56 cities across America. Your donations will give these families desperately needed medical attention, and provide them…

Racing To The Rescue: The Sandford’s family crisis

The Sandford’s are a close knit family from Cleveland, Ohio. The three children are thriving under the loving care of their mother and father, who have been together for ten years. This year the family’s matriarch, Antoinette Sandford, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but what followed the diagnosis was worse than anything the family could imagine….

Racing To The Rescue: Edna’s Fight for Survival

For the past nine years, Edna Savage of Montgomery, Alabama, has been helping her daughter survive the excruciating effects of Crohn’s disease. Little is known about this life threatening illness; there are no warning signs and it is often diagnosed in younger people who are in the prime of their lives. In 2007, Edna’s oldest…