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Racing To The Rescue: Alexcia’s struggle for a normal life

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charitiesheader_608x243_pt2Alexcia wasn’t expected to live past three days, so the fact that she is alive three years later is nothing short of a miracle. She fights for each new day alongside her mother Rosana, but this mother-and-daughter team still have a long way to go before they can settle into a normal life.

Alexcia was born with a heart defect, and had her first open heart surgery at just three days old. After her first surgery was a success, the doctors recommended one more open heart procedure to help assist Alexcia’s development so she could finally go home with her family. The doctors assured Rosana that the risk of complications from the second operation were very low, and that Alexcia would only need check ups going forward. The surgery went smoothly, but what followed completely changed the course of Alexcia and Rosana’s lives.

“The next morning, she wasn’t responding…”

Several hours after the operation, Alexcia’s heart started beating erratically. Her vitals would not stabilize. After the doctors failed to get her heart beating regularly, they x-rayed the infants chest and discovered that her lungs were filling with fluid. They rushed her back into the operating room to find that a vein in her tiny heart had burst, and that the fluid filling her lungs was actually blood. They managed to stabilize her in the operating room, and Rosana and Alexcia rested for the night; but the next morning Alexcia was unresponsive.

A CT scan showed that Alexcia had suffered a massive stroke during the night. Her brain was swollen and pressing against her skull. The doctors would have to remove a piece of her skull to help reduce the swelling and save Alexcia’s life.

Before the doctors took her daughter into surgery for the third time in three days, Rosana was told to be prepared to lose Alexcia. The procedure on her skull was highly complicated, and– considering the trauma Alexcia’s infant body had sustained since her birth–she might not survive.

The brain surgery was successful, and Alexcia eventually stabilized. During the next month and a half, Alexcia underwent six more surgeries to help undo the effects of her stroke. Now three years old, Alexcia is still recovering and going to therapy. Even as a toddler, Alexcia is basically starting her life over with her mother and father. They all hold onto hope that Alexcia will one day have all the abilities and opportunities of children her age.

For Rosana, watching helplessly as her child faced such grim odds was the worst experience of her life. Her exhausting journey is not over, but she will fight alongside her daughter for every day.

DriveTime race to the rescue

DriveTime is committed to serving in all of the communities we reside in. We organized our annual 5K Fun Run to unite our communities across the nation, and bring hope to people like Rosana and Alexcia. There are hundreds of thousands of families who need the love of their communities to get them through their medical, financial or family crisis.

This year DriveTime will be donating over 140 thousand dollars to 56 families, and we can reach even more families in need with your help. Join us on September 25 to run in solidarity with your community and help raise awareness for those in need in your area. Donations are welcome from runners and non-runners, and all donation dollars will go toward helping families with everything from life saving medical treatment, to food and clothing for underprivileged children.

Donate today, and we looking forward to seeing you at the finish line on September 25.


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